Choices instead of a fridge magnet: 10 things to provide you with warmest memories from Transcarpathia

In case fridge magnets are not what you really want, here we’ve got 10 splendid ideas on what you can get instead.


As we travel around the world, we often bring the vibes and warm-hearted souvenirs or food specific for that area and can tell a lot of important things of the place. And certainly, we wish that visitors would leave Transcarpathia not just taking China-made toy magnets or other things of rather conditional value, often bought in despair. That’s why we have created this article, intended for those planning visiting Transcarpathia, as well as for those already staying here and, having seen everything there is to see, and now using Google for searches like “souvenirs from Transcarpathia”, “what to buy in Uzhhorod”. Our material will hopefully prove useful for local people hosting guests and friends asking questions like “So what can we buy in your region?”. And simply, for those feeling love and respect for local manufacturers, great people that have passion for what they do.

We should warn you that ideas in this material have nothing in common with ratings and are absolutely spontaneous. So let’s get started!

The Uzhhorod chocolate tart and other delicacies by V&V Shtefanio brand


Quite a number of visitors come to Uzhhorod already being aware they must really taste the Uzhhorod tart by Shtefanio. Hundreds of tourists have proved that it can be safely delivered by train to other cities of Ukraine. In case you have already visited the boutique, then you surely know: each and every cake and pie there is worth tasting. Meanwhile what we should recommend taking with you is the lollipops shaped as the city coat-of-arms, as well as the sweets and macarons. They can be stored for some time and will surely keep happy you and your friends and relatives who will get them as a present from you.

Coffee beans roasted in Uzhhorod


Don’t let us argue on which Ukrainian city can boast the tastiest coffee but still: every Uzhhorod resident will tell you it cannot be any other city. As for us, we would recommend you taking along Uzhhorod coffee beans roasted in Riverside, a location loved by the townsfolk. It is virtually the most coffee-some location of the city, and they know a thing or two about coffee and its culture. They actually establish trends and shape tastes themselves.

A locally craft-made Transcarpathian shawl


The garment has been available for purchasing for rather a short time. An Uzhhorod lady, Aliona Zagoruyko decided to create a designer’s shawl for Uzhhorod especially for tourists. Eventually she found out that it is wanted by the city’s females, too. Moreover, her friends, colleagues and partners from other towns of Transcarpathia started demanding from her to create special neck-clothes with logos of their towns, too. So by now new ones have arrived, featuring Mukachevo, Khust and another one with and imprint of a vine-shoot and a glass of wine.

Read our content and learn more: A locally made Transcarpathian shawl: An Uzhhorod lady, Aliona Zagoruyko has created a stylish women’s accessory

Cosmetics by the eco-brand Ameli


An ecological component, high-quality raw material, a designer’s approach and herbs picked locally – all of these relate to the incredible beauticraft by an Uzhhorod lady, Maryna Babych. Quite a lot of Uzhhorod females choose it for themselves, in particular those that consider environmental friendliness and hypoallergenicity. So we advise you to test it, too.

Books by Transcarpathian writers


Surely, most of these books can be purchased in other Ukrainian cities but just imagine how cool it will be to bring it right from Transcarpathia. And, if you are lucky enough, signed by the author. Look for editions by Myroslav Dochynets, Petro Midianka, Oleksandr Havrosh, Andriy Liubka, Halyna Malyk and others in bookshops. And we would also advise to make a point of popular titles about Uzhhorod by Tetiana Literati, those about Transcarpathian cuisine by Roman Toder and another cookery-book by Edgar Peti.

Cheeses by Selyska Dairy


Now, let’s move on from books to cheeses. The Selyska Dairy, the first Ukrainian handicraft cheese factory, operating since 1994, doesn’t need any special presentation among the local folks, for any person to taste its cheeses at least once, know only too well that they’re not just tasty but are of disconcertingly high-quality, too.

Currently you can buy the cheeses “Selyskiy”, “Nartsiss Karpat” (The Daffodil of the Carpathians), “The Menchul” and “Khust”. A piece of good news: a shop selling local craft products, under the name “The Selyskiy Rakash” (The Collection of the Selyshche township), has been recently opened close to the dairy, and quite a number of items can be ordered online. In particular, those by Pan Eko (Mr Eco), another Transcarpathian brand that we always recommend.

Pottery by Natura Ceramica and Korn Design (Odud)


You won’t drink your coffee out of common cups once you have tried it from those created by Natura Ceramica. An Uzhhorod brand that has a soul and a mind, usability and aesthetics in every piece of work. Once you are in Uzhhorod, you must buy the pottery right in the Voznitskiys’ family workshop, and it may appear to become that very place and emotion to remind you of the best Uzhhorod you ever had.

You cannot miss the lovely ceramic souvenirs by the brand Odud created by Korn Design. They will surely remind you of this trip of yours and will be great presents for your relatives and friends.

Food: meat products by Zeleniy Hai, jam by Povna Banka, spice cakes by Zakarpatskiy Prianik


Why choose Zeleniy Hai (The Greenwood)? Because it’s ecologically friendly and incredibly yummy. We are impressed by what Orest del Sol and his family and team do. His farm is not about large-scale production site but rather about the philosophy of life, attitude to nature and environment. That’s why tasting goods from his eco-farm you are really at risk of becoming a steady customer – and a friend of theirs, in addition.

Why choose the Povna Banka (The Full Jar)? Because it’s a family-based business by Mukachevo residents who love Transcarpathia and their native town most of all and take care to provide the best possible quality for their goods. And then again, where else could you taste a real jam made of sakura petals? Right you are, nowhere else but here!

Why choose Zakarpatskiy Prianik (The Transcarpathian Gingerbread)? For it’s really delicious, made locally and passionately. Read our next content to learn more on the history of the brand and the couple that shaped it: A business couple: Maria and Oleksandr Liakhins

Beverages: the Konyk juices, Karpaty, craft beers and wines


This is exactly as they say: every man to his taste. Some may like wine, other prefer beer and yet others like juices and tea. Fortunately, each of the items has got Transcarpathian manufacturers that will be a welcome surprise you with their quality, client-oriented strategy and the unique character of the offer. Here are just some of them: juices by the Konyk (The Horsie) farm enterprise, the juices Karpaty (The Carpathians) from the town of Perechyn, the craft beer by Tsypa (The Chickie) and Poriadniy Hazda (The Fair Landlord), the wines by Chopak, Oleksandr Kovach, Vasyl Antalovskiy, Ivan Ursta or Kar Sosh. And certainly, we advise you to taste wines and grape juice by Chateau Chizay.

Postcards by Varosh and postcards with audio guides from the Happy Children foundation

10lystivky Vid Varosh

This year we have realized that each time we get friends from other cities coming and asking for postcards with views of Uzhhorod, we have nothing to offer to them. That’s how we got the idea to create such postcards by ourselves. Involving an illustrator from Uzhhorod, Kristina Shershun, we drew 12 city plots, by 3 for each season of the year. For we think that our city looks wonderful at any weather. You can order them online or, once you are in Uzhhorod, come round to V&V Shtefanyo confectionery in 16 Dukhnovycha Street.

Recently postcards with audio guides from the Happy Children foundation have been issued, as part of their project “Getting to know Uzhhorod”. You can listen to them and use them online.

Content idea and text by: Rosana Tuzhanska, Varosh

Illustration: Kristina Shershun

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